Case Studies

"...they like to work to our deadlines .."

Example 1

We were initially approach by the CEO of a small, pre-revenue, biotech company looking for assistance with the drafting of a collaboration agreement with a company based in the Middle East. The company had previously used a London law firm but had found the firm expensive and the turnover of personnel meant that for each new matter they had to explain their technology to a new assistant.

After working with the CEO on the drafting and negotiation of their first deal we were instructed to prepare a suite of standard documents enabling the company to complete routine collaborations quickly, efficiently and cost effectively, with minimal assistance from us, only seeking our help when changes were needed to the templates or something unexpected cropped up. We were subsequently instructed to lead the development of  their IP strategy, as a precursor to a new round of investment, and to assist with the completion of several international deals using our network of foreign law firms to check compliance with local legal requirements.      

Example 2

A large international FTSE 100 company with a worldwide portfolio of trade marks for a household named product wished to assign the portfolio to a third party. The portfolio had been extensively licensed and restrictions in the license terms made transferring the portfolio far from straight forward. We were asked to assist with the transfer, preparing the necessary documentation, advising on issues that arose during the transfer process and negotiating the deal. Inevitably with a portfolio spanning more than 130 countries issues have arisen along the way regarding the management of the portfolio and changes in licensees have necessitated the drafting and completion of novation agreements or surrender agreements and we have been retained to offer on-going legal advice. During a recent client review with the in-house lawyer responsible for the transaction we were told that the client liked working with us because we regard IP holistically and the advice we give is tailored to their situation.

Example 3

We were approached by a small PR company in connection with the protection of its new brand identity. Following an initial IP audit we were asked to develop an IP protection strategy and to assist in managing the company’s IP in readiness for a corporate sale at a future (unspecified) date. In addition to advising on international options for trade mark and design registrations we have also been asked to review contract terms and advise on the content of a future advertising campaign and its compliance with IP and consumer legislation.

Example 4

An international printing company approached us in connection with the infringement of its housemark by a competitor. We were asked to advise on possible causes of action that might be pursued in the UK and subsequently to send a cease and desist letter, followed by the issuing of proceedings, if the desire outcome had not been achieved. We were pleased to report that the infringer agreed to comply with our demands after initial contact had been made by us, thereby achieving a speedy and cost effective resolution of the dispute for our client.

These are just a few examples of the varied range of work undertaken by us on behalf of our diverse range of international clients. If you would like to find out more about how we might assist you or if you would like to speak to one or two of our clients to hear first hand what it's like to work with us please call us or send us an email today.