IP Strategy

"...their holistic approach to IP is very valuable..."

Whether you have one patent family, a single brand name, a business name or an entire portfolio it's important to take time to review and plan your strategy for protection, commercialization and enforcement of your intellectual property rights (IPRs).

Failure to do so can result in lost:

  • opportunities to protect your brand abroad with the result that it's taken by a third party;
  • opportunities to develop tax efficient holding structures;
  • opportunities to generate new revenue streams through licensing;
  • distinctiveness in the market place leading to lost sales because you're not in a position to challenge imitators or lookalike products;
  • sales when key patents expire because adequate steps have not been taken to develop alternative or supporting IPR.

Whatever stage your business is at it is never too early (or too late) to review your IP strategy. 

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